Mountfield MTF98H SD

AMP Price: £2,199.00

The MTF 98H-SD is a powerful, versatile and highly manoeuvrable side-discharge tractor. It also has the equivalent of a cars’ automatic transmission -hydrostatic transmission so is smooth and slick. With a 98cm cutting width, it makes light work of any lawn up to 2 acres.
  • Powered by STIGA with an ST 500 452cc engine
  • 98 cm cutting deck with 2 anti-scalp wheels
  • Pedal operated hydrostatic transmission
  • Front bumper for added style
  • Seven Cutting height positions, 25 – 80 mm
  • Optional mulching plug, battery charger and tow hitch available separately


This compact high-performance side-discharge tractor is powered by a Stiga 414cc ST400 petrol engine with a net power output of 7.1kW @ 2800rpm. Boasting hydrostatic transmission – akin to an automatic car’s transmission, the MTF 98H-SD is slick, efficient, and powerful.

The twin-blade cutting deck, with a 98cm cutting width, ensures a superb cut with clippings being blown out to the side through the side-discharge chute. Alternatively, you could choose to mulch the grass clippings using a mulching plug/plate (available as an optional extra) that is simple to fit. When mulching, the clippings are finely cut and blown back down onto the lawn to decompose and return valuable nutrients to the soil, saving you cash on lawn fertilisers.

Cleaning after use couldn’t be easier just connect your hose to the deck nozzle, turn on the water and engage the blades and you will quickly have a clean deck and blades ready for next time.
With a wide range of towed accessories available, the Tow Hitch available as an optional extra makes the MTF 98H-SD extremely versatile in all seasons.
Suitable for areas up to 2 acres the MTF 98H-SD is easy to use, easy to store – thanks to its compact design and is backed by a five-year extended warranty (T & C’s apply). Battery charger, mulching plug and tow hitch sold separately.


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